Disciple: Living Out Baptism

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GODDARD-ROBERT-113For all of the staff that we have here at St. Paul (all part-time except the pastors), we are a church of people responding to the call of Jesus Christ.  The secular world calls them volunteers.  The church calls them disciples, that is, followers.  For when you teach Sunday School or are a youth advisor or volunteer in the nursery, when you serve on a board or committee of the church, when you repair something or help clean any part of the facility, when you volunteer in the church office or the Christian education office or help assemble bulletins or our newsletter, when you sing or play in one of our choirs, when you serve as an usher or greeter or van driver, when you join a bible study or book club or Out & About group, when you volunteer to go to the nursing homes or offer home communion or take meals to those who come home from the hospital, when you volunteer at church camp or other wider ministry, when you invite someone to worship or to participate in any of the ministries of Jesus Christ, when you financially give, you are a disciple and are helping to disciple others.  You are living out your baptism and God is pleased.   Yours in Christ, Pastor Bob.

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