Consider Your Call.  Jesus called fishermen and they left all of their nets and boats and followed him.  If you cannot leave all of your nets, try leaving one of them.  If baptizing the entire world is too overwhelming a task, find someone (maybe just one person) that you can see as your evangelism world between now and Easter.

The work of God continues here at St. Paul.  When you open your eyes, you can see it.  The participants in our After-school Crew have doubled in the past year.  Our awareness of missions continues to improve.  We’ve added an adult conversation group that meets each Sunday at 10:30.  Attendance at the church picnic is up, our debt is down and our endowment is up.    Yet the greatest asset our church has cannot be found in our financial statements our in our endowment.  The greatest asset in the church of Jesus Christ is you.  God doesn’t want new folk to come here for their offering.  God wants them here so they can develop an even deeper and abiding relationship with them.

God wants us just as we are: in our joy and in our brokenness, our loneliness, in our sickness, in our fear in our uncertainty about the future.  God is the source of your life in Christ.  Your life in Christ is the asset that makes the state of this church whole.

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