Singing Our Faith


Have you ever taken the time to look in the back of a hymnal?  Look at the different categories of hymns.  Where are your favorites?  Are they praise hymns?  Assurance?  Church Triumphant?  Are they choruses?  Faithfulness?  Creation?  God’s Presence?  Jesus as Friend?  Do that some time.  Take time to look in the back of the hymnal and notice in what categories your favorite hymns are located.

What we love to sing may tell us a lot about our understanding of who God is to us.  It may say more about our own theology than asking the question: What is your favorite passage from scripture?  I’m sure for many of us, we can name more hymns than we can quote scriptures from the bible.  So the words of hymns are of great importance.  Or, maybe you just like a hymn because of the tune or because it is singable.  And that’s ok, too.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Bob

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