From Mountaintop to Routine

We have heard it from campers at the end of a week at DuBois Center.  We have heard it at the end of a weekend retreat.  We have heard it at the end of the best vacations.  “I wish we could just stay here forever.  This is what life is supposed to be like every day.”  Then we come back to the routine of daily life assuming that the best of our past experiences are lost forever.  Part of the story of the transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-9) is just that type of experience.  Peter says: Let’s make shelters for you and Moses and Elijah.  Peter wants to make this momentary experience much more permanent.  A bright cloud and a booming voice later the disciples fall down in awe.  Then Jesus says “Get up” and they go down the mountain to continue their daily walk of ministry.  The life of faith is like that.  We have mountaintop experiences.  We have life-changing ones, too.  But most of our faith experiences are not lived on the mountaintop, but in the common places of everyday life.  It is there, everyday, in the common places, without much splash, that Jesus walks with us.

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