Our eighth graders are putting the finishing touches on their faith statements.  These faith statements are as diverse as their personalities.  Yet at the heart of each of these statements is the expression of their relationship with God and all of humanity.  Hear them this coming Sunday at the 10:30 a.m. service.  As Holy Week approaches, I was wondering how each member of the congregation might write their own faith statement.  Where are you in your faith?  What might you write?  What is your foundational statement?  Where would you start?  John 3:16-17?  Matthew 25?  Mission?  1 Corinthians 12 or 13?  Would it be the parable of the Prodigal Son?  The Good Samaritan?  Baptism?  The Communion Table?  the Cross?  The Empty Tomb?  The community of saints?  The forgiveness of sin?  It is three weeks until Easter.  Maybe it’s time for a spiritual discipline.  Dare to write what you believe.

In Christ,

Pastor Bob

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