This morning I am preparing for our Tuesday, noon, study group.  Today, we begin Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book and video, “Why?  Making Sense out of God’s Will.”  He presents three foundational ideas: First, that God has given human beings dominion over the planet.  that is, God has placed the human race in charge of God’s planet, making us responsible for what happens here.  Second, that what makes us human is our ability to choose good from evil.  this ability is a gift from God.  Third, is that we humans struggle with our freedom; we find that we have an innate tendency to be drawn toward those things that are not God’s will.  With these as a background, he then helps us explore three forms of suffering: human disaster and widespread human suffering, suffering caused by human decisions, and suffering caused by sickness.  Other chapters include “Why do my prayers go unanswered,” “Why can’t I see God’s will for my life?” and “Why God’s Love Prevails.”  Rev. Hamilton admits that no book can give us all of the answers to these questions and issues, but this books allows us to be in conversation that may illumine our understanding of these issues.  Besides the group that begins today, and other group will be using this book and the accompanying video on Sunday mornings at 10:30 on the third floor later in the month of June.  Join us or you may also want to start your own study group with friends and neighbors for we all struggle with these issues of God and suffering.  Pastor Bob

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