Fearless is one of those words that people often hear differently. For some, fearless is heard as reckless.  For others, fearless means possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. Fearless, as a word of faith, is more like the second definition; or, in addition to that definition, to challenge one another or to dare one another, as in the words of a Christian song by Bryan Sirchio, to Dream God’s Dream.  Throughout this past month, the pastor’s here at St. Paul United Church of Christ have challenged the congregation to be fearless in their living, in their serving, in their giving and in their sowing.  This is not a seasonal challenge, but a life-giving challenge of daily faith for every day that we live.  It is the way Jesus lived and taught and healed and died and rose again.  Be fearless.  Live with courageous endurance.  Challenge evil.  Dare to love even when your gut resists.  For in doing so, we become one with the Living Christ in ministry in the world.

In Christ,

Pastor Bob

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