Churches of the United Church of Christ of southern Illinois (the Illinois South Conference) gather each fall for their annual meeting.  It is a wonderful reminder that the ministry of Jesus Christ spreads beyond the communities where our local church resides.  Yes, there are wonderful ministries we do at the local level, but there are some things that we do together much better than we do by ourselves.  Through this gathering we observe the Holy Spirit driving us to be more than is humanly possible for what we do is truly holy.

Yet, there are two aspects of the holy put into action: love God; love neighbor.  Somehow, when we think of ministry, we usually express it in the love of neighbor, rather than the worship (love) of God.  Christian community calls us to do both.  Our God is a God worthy of worship.  Then that God sends us out into the world in courage and to spread the Good News of peace.  Worship.  Love.  Go.  Do.

In the peace of Christ,


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