Horrific.  Heinous.  Terror.  Evil.  Sin.

All are words that only partially form our attempt to fully describe the shooting in Chattanooga.

Fear.  Hate.  Revenge.  War.  Exterminate.

All are words I’ve heard used to describe what our nation’s response should be to Chattanooga.

We belong to God’s household.  We, as God’s household, are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone.  The whole building is joined together in him, and it grows up into a temple that is dedicated to the Lord.  Christ is building you into a place where God lives through the Spirit.  (Ephesians 2:19-22).

In the verses leading up to these passages, three times we are reminded that Christ is our peace (that he broke down the barrier  of hatred), that he canceled the detailed rules of the Law…making for peace, and announced the good news of peace to those who were far away from God.  The place where God lives is never a place of hate or revenge; it’s never a place that seeks to exterminate those we call enemy.  It’s a place of peace.  That place is being built in us.

A friend of mine recently reminded me that at the center of our calling to ministry is not politics or public policy (not that we don’t all have our opinions).  The center of our calling is Christ.


Live into that place, that world, of peace with Christ.

Pastor Bob




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