Just in the past week I have noticed changes in a field of corn that I pass on my drive to church.  The transformation has begun from dark green to golden.  It touches that part of my personality that loves God’s creation.  Last night, the half moon lit up the night sky so that you could see only the celestial objects brighter than first magnitude.  What couldn’t be seen in God’s nighttime creation captured my imagination.  Walking into our Welcome Center, you notice three arrangements of photographs each with its own theme: Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, Love of Creation.  Today I am captured by my love of God’s creation.  The pleasant weather these past two days have been a reminder of the many beautiful days that await us during the autumn season.  (It’s just a tease as the temperatures will return to the 90s this weekend.)  God has given us this wonderful creation to enjoy and to preserve.  This Sunday, between services, our congregational meeting will discuss and vote on whether to adopt a solar energy proposal.  This will be a splendid opportunity for our congregation to reveal to the world the Love of God’s Creation by immersing itself in this renewable energy initiative.  Yes, we will save on our electrical bills.  Yes, it will lower that line item in the budget.  But if we believe that it is only reason the church should do this, we are missing a major point: that we love God’s creation and we will be preserving God’s creation by using clean energy.  God bless us all in our daily lives.

Pastor Bob

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