It’s October: The changing of the seasons.  But this week it will be 90 degrees.  So much for the changing of the seasons!  Even though the temperatures are high this week, we have passed the autumnal equinox as our hemisphere slowly continues to tilt away from the sun.  It is becoming more apparent that there are fewer hours of sunlight.  Harvest is well underway and, with it, a sense of completion and accomplishment.  Stars shine through the emptying branches and you will soon be able to see far and wide.

“Autumn is a wondrous metaphor for the transformation that takes place in the human heart each season. When we notice a subtle change of light outside our windows, we know the dark season is near.  Everything is being prepared for winter.  Autumn calls us in from summer’s playground and asks significant questions about our own harvest: What do we need to gather into our spiritual barns?  What in our lives needs to fall away like autumn leaves so another life waiting in the sings can have its turn in live?

“It is easy to read the human story in these autumn pages between summer and winter.  This is the season that evokes nostalgia and pours longing into human hearts.  Autumn speaks of connection and yearning, wisdom and aging, transformation and surrender, emerging shadows, and most of all, mystery.  This is the season that touches our longing for home, for completion.  We are invited to let go, to yield. . . yes, to die.  We are encouraged to let things move in our lives.  Let them flow on into some new life form just as the earth is modeling these changes for us.”

(Taken from The Circle of life, 2005, by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr.  Used by permission of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.)

God’s blessings.

Pastor Bob

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