Give to the church, a mission or cause

Online Giving allows both members and non-members to give to the church electronically. If you are a member, click the “Member Log-In” link below to log on to My St. Paul. If you are not a member, simply click the “Non-Members Link to Donate” link below and follow it to our Online Giving page. After reaching the Online Giving page, follow the steps provided. Contact Barb Gerstenecker at for questions.

Member Giving

Log-In: Click on the link below and enter your log-in information.  If you need a log-in and password, click on the link below the log-in box, or download this document for specific directions.

  1. Gift – Enter your gift amount, select whether this is a “One Time” or “Recurring” Gift and then select the date you would like to give. This information is for our records only and will not be shown elsewhere.
  2. Funds – Here, you may choose to distribute your gift across our various funds. If you wish to donate to the church as a whole, simply fill out the box next to the “General Fund” option.
  3. Payment Method – Fill out your payment and billing information.
  4. Review & Process – Review your gift and payment before submitting it to be processed by our system.
  5. Receipt – You will receive a printable receipt for your records.

You may also manage your scheduled giving from this page by choosing the “Manage Scheduled Giving”  tab.

Members Login

Non-Member Giving

Log-In: If you are not a member, you may still give to our church.  You do not need to log in but you may choose to create an account so that you may give again at a later date.

  1. Gift – Fill out your gift amount, select the fund you would like to give to and enter your email address.
  2. Create a Log-In/Continue as a Guest – You may choose to either create an account or continue as a guest without logging in.
  3. Payment Method – Fill out your payment and billing information.
  4. Receipt – You will receive a printable receipt for your records.

Non-Members Link to Donate

Ministries We Support

We also invite you to give to one or more of the various ministries we support. Read a quick summary of each one below and click on the link to give directly to these amazing organizations. You will receive acknowledgements directly from these ministries.  These gifts will not be reflected on your St. Paul giving statement.

CrossLeafLogoDuBois Center

DuBois is a camp and conference center run by UCC’s Illinois South Conference. Summer camp is a large part of many of our young members’ lives. Many of our members have attended camp for years and have gone on to become volunteers and counselors as adults. There are also many events and retreats scheduled throughout the year at the center for young and old alike.

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eden-theological-seminaryEden Theological Seminary

Eden is a seminary run by UCC and located in St. Louis. This is where many of our conference pastors learn everything they know about the church. Eden is an integral part of our pastors’ education.


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Emmaus-Homes-LogoEmmaus Homes

Emmaus Homes is a not-for-profit organization related to the UCC and supported by the United Way. This faith-based organization provides around the clock service to more than 250 adults with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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habitat-for-humanityHabitat for Humanity

This international not-for-profit organization provides affordable, no-profit housing to families and individuals around the world. Habitat has transformed the lives of more than 3 million people around the world.

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heiferHeifer International

Heifer works to end hunger and poverty around the world in a unique way. Their approach involves providing families in need with animals that can provide food and reliable income through products such as milk, eggs, honey and wool.

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The Hoyleton ministries are dedicated to helping people realize the quality of life that God intends. Hoyleton began in 1895 a residential program to care for children and now help adults with residence and healthcare assistance as well.

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kindercottageUni-Pres Kindercottage

Kindercottage was established as a not-for-profit agency to provide services to children ages 3-5. Today, they offer services to all children including those with special needs. The agency has also expanded services to include counseling, health screenings food and clothing give-a ways, job referrals and training and more.

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