Four-Year Preschool Class Goals

To instill in children a joy and excitement for learning by providing opportunities for development and expression of creativity through art, music, dance and language arts in a safe, loving environment.

Core Curriculum

  • Providing a nurturing and caring environment
  • Developing a love of learning
  • Developing social and emotional skills such as regulating one’s own behavior, playing with others and in group settings and being self-sufficient in personal skills
  • Developing physical skills by learning about moving and demonstrating basic gross motor skills and basic fine motor skills
  • Developing cognitive skills by learning about the world through sustaining attention, problem solving and pretend play and use of the imagination
  • Developing language skills and learning about communicating through developing receptive and expressive language, participating in conversation, understanding and using words, enjoying books and being read to, showing awareness of pictures and words and experimenting with writing and drawing

Teacher – Cathy Koch

Cathy Koch

Cathy is the leader of our 4-year-old class.  She lives in New Athens, Il.  Her background consists of a B.A. in English and Secondary Education and she is an Illinois certified teacher.  She has taught at Little Friends since 1996.